Ambulatory Blood Pressure Core

CHPS provides 24-hour ambulatory blood pressure monitoring using Spacelabs Healthcare equipment. The service is provided by experienced nephrology physician and nursing staff who will coordinate the visit and place the monitor, instruct the subject/families, upload the data, prepare study reports and perform other necessary tasks. Interpretation of results will also be available. Use of any CHPS service requires a new protocol submission via eCHPS.


  • Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitoring: Professional Interpretation of Test Results
  • Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitoring: Test

How to access the ABPM Core

Make sure study billing plan reflects the ABPM is being performed by the CHPS. You must also have full approval from IRB and CHPS prior to scheduling.

To obtain an appointment time from CHOP Nephrology Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitoring Coordinator, Joann Panus, at panus [at] or call 215-590-625. Once the coordinator confirms availability, please send Outlook meeting invite for date and time needed to Joann. Provide this information:

  • CHPS/IRB number
  • PI name
  • Patient name
  • Patient DOB
  • Gender
  • Race
  • Ethnicity


Kevin Meyers, MD, CHPS ABPM Core Director, meyersk [at]
John Krall, CHPS Administrator, krallj [at]
Joann Panus, ABPM coordinator, panus [at], 215-590-6825
Barbara Maersch, Nephrology Manager, maerschb [at], 215-590-4612