Please contact Meryl Cohen, MD, CHPS Cardiovascular Core Director, at 215-590-3354, cohenm [at] when planning on using the Core prior to eCHPS submission. Contact John Krall, Administrative Director at krallj [at] for cost of core services.

Once approved to use Core services, please review how to access echocardiograms.

Services and Tests:

  • Echo Lab: Color flow doppler
  • Echo Lab: Complete echo congenital
  • Echo Lab: Doppler complete study
  • Echo Lab: Doppler echo limited
  • Echo Lab: Echo 2D complete study
  • Echo Lab: Echo 2D limited
  • Echo Lab: F/UP limited echo congenital
  • Echo Lab: Two DM-Mode W Spctrl Dop/Clr Flw-C
  • Echo Lab: Echocardiograph: Professional interpretation/reading

CHOP CHPS can only supply ECHO interpretations for subjects 21 years and younger. In the event you require adult interpretations for ECHOs, please contact Dr. Bonnie Ky at Bonnie.Ky [at] and copy Jade Chung (Jade.Chung [at], Ginny Englefield (Virginia.Englefield [at], Joanna Acosta (Joanna.Acosta [at] and Tracey Caputo (caputot [at] on the email (for tracking purposes). You will also need to obtain a PENN Research Billing Number, contact Tracey Caputo for details.


Meryl Cohen, MD, CHPS Cardio Core Director, 215-590-3354, cohenm [at]
Christine Pascua, Technical Manager, pascuac [at]
Celena Green, Echo Scheduler, 215-590-3354, greence [at]
Anysia Fedec, CHPS Echo Technician, 267-426-9551, fedec [at]
John Krall, CHPS Administrator, krallj [at]