All studies require IRB and CHPS approval befor services can be provided.

Contact Meryl Cohen, MD, CHPS Cardiovascular Core Director, at 215-590-3354, cohenm [at] when planning on using the Core prior to eCHPS submission. Contact John Krall, Administrative Director - 267-425-1790, krallj [at] for cost of core services.

The CHPS Cardiovascular Core at CHOP provides services for subjects through 21 years of age. For adult services, investigators are asked to make arrangements for subjects over 21 years with an adult practitioner through the Penn CHPS program. Information about obtaining Adult ECHO interpetations from adult practitioners at PENN can be found below.

      PENN Adult Cardiovascular Services
      How to get a PENN Research Business Number

Research subjects must be registered and scheduled in eTRACK; go to the Clinical Trial Financial Management intranet site for instructions. To log into eTRACK use your Active Directory User name and password.

How to access Echocardiograms

Services and Tests:

Echo Lab: Color flow doppler
Echo Lab: Complete echo congenital
Echo Lab: Doppler complete study
Echo Lab: Doppler echo limited
Echo Lab: Echo 2D complete study
Echo Lab: Echo 2D limited
Echo Lab: F/UP limited echo congenital
Echo Lab: Two DM-Mode W Spctrl Dop/Clr Flw-C
Echo Lab: Echocardiograph: 15 min. Professional interpretation/reading
Echo Lab: Echocardiograph: 30 min. Professional interpretation/reading
Echo Lab: Echocardiograph: 60 min. Professional interpretation/reading


Meryl Cohen, MD, CHPS Cardio Core Director, 215-590-3354, cohenm [at]
Christine Pascua, Technical Manager, pascuac [at]
Celena Green, Echo Scheduler, 215-590-3354, greence [at]
Anysia Fedec, CHPS Echo Technician, 267-426-9551, fedec [at]
John Krall, CHPS Administrator, 267-425-1790, krallj [at]


Updated August 2018