Digital Health Innovation Core

The Digital Health Innovation Core provides consultation and assistance to investigators regarding the use of telehealth, mobile health, wearable technology, and digital therapeutics as components of research studies involving pediatric subjects. The Core is highly experienced in technology implementation, considering affordance and barriers to its use, contextual factors, and regulatory policies related to the use of technology for research use.

Functions of the Digital Health Innovation Core

  1. Consultative Services and assistance by the Core Co-Directors including:
    • Advice on the design and execution of research protocols
    • Consultation on digital health tool selection and data review and assistance with measuring technology usability, acceptability, effectiveness, efficacy, quality and cost
    • Assistance developing an analysis plan specific with consultation of what should be measured and acceptable thresholds for quality
  2. Digital Health Innovation Core will collaborate with CHPS Informatics Core utilizing digital health tools for the steps needed for study administration
  3. Incorporating digital health tools into study workflow for improving retention rate, response rate and study team-participant communications
  4. Provide timely guidance for regulatory compliance with digital health
  5. Provide and amplify learning opportunities for digital health innovations

Available Technology and Toolkits

  • CHOP approved telemedicine technology (Webex, EPIC, and other platforms)
  • ChatBot and Text messaging implementation
  • STEM Telehealth Measurement Framework
  • Job Aids for platforms and regulatory practices


John Chuo, MD, MS, IA
CHPS Digital Health Innovations Core Co-Director
Chuoj [at]

Jonathan Mitchell, PhD
CHPS Digital Health Innovations Core Co-Director
Mitchellj2 [at]

Eileen Ford, MS, RDN, FAND
CHPS Administrative Manager
forde [at]

Sarah Voisine, MSN, CRNP
CHPS Nurse Practitioner
voisines [at]

Emma Escobar, MBA
Infomatics Core Director
Escobar [at]