Informatics Core

The Informatics Core provides assistance with database development, CRF form development, REDCap development, and other computing needs. 


The staff of this core gives guidance and/or coordinates data management, capture and analysis on behalf of the investigator within the Institute and assists more broadly with computing issues related to the approved protocol.  

  • Provides assistance with database development and CRF form development and other computing needs.
  • Provide support for REDCap including developing databases and CRFs.
  • Consultation on the use of REDCap and its functionality.
  • Investigators can request Informatics only; however Investigators are now charged for these services.
  • This core does not perform data entry services.
  • All studies require IRB and CHPS approval before CHPS services can be provided.

For researchers not planning to use other CHPS Clinical Research Core, the Clinical Research Support Office also provides support for REDCap.


Emma Escobar, MBA
Core Director
Escobar [at]

John Krall, LCSW
Administrative Director
krallj [at]