Nurse Practitioner


CHPS has added a Certified Nurse Practitioner Services to the CHPS research team. Sarah Voisine, MSN, CRNP can now assist Principal Investigators with the planning and implementation of CHPS research protocols. Services are listed below and expected to grow. Contact us and let us know how a Certified Nurse Practitioner can help your study.

Consultation and Services

  • Developing CHPS Nurse Practitioner research procedures or specific protocol Manuals of Procedures
  • Completing medical histories, medication reconciliation, and/or review of systems
  • Performing protocol specific physical exams, including pubertal staging
  • Oversee questionnaire/survey completion
  • Writing orders in Epic as needed; work with study teams to develop orders for study protocols in EPIC
  • Reviewing safety labs and following up with clinical or research team for abnormal values
  • Health Provider documentation pertinent to research procedures or reporting adverse events
  • Overseeing research procedures such as infusions, continuous glucose monitoring, OGTT, MMTT, and glucose potentiated arginine test (GPA)
  • Address urgent issues due to research procedures such as hypoglycemia, hyperglycemia, rashes, and infusion reactions, and directly interface with research team/Principal Investigator for additional assessments and management
  • Coordinate with the study PI for study patient follow-up in the CHPS clinic or via telehealth due to unanticipated issues, adverse events, abnormal laboratory results or other items requiring communication and follow-up



Sarah Voisine, MSN, CRNP
CHPS Nurse Practitioner
voisines [at]

Eileen Ford, MS, RDN, FAND
CHPS Administrative Manager
forde [at]

John Krall, LCSW
CHPS Administrative Director
krallj [at]

Beth Schwartzman, RD, LDN, CDE
Clinical Research Project Manager
schwartzmann [at]