Nutrition Assessment Unit

The Nutrition Assessment Unit is a state-of-the-art facility for the assessment of growth and body dimensions, body composition (the amount of muscle, fat and bone in the body), energy expenditure, bone density, and muscle strength. The Core provides consultation and technical expertise for these assessments. The Unit has locations at CHOP Main 7 Northwest Tower and 3550 Market St. and four experienced research technicians for performing nutrition assessments.

Collaborative information about the CHOP and PENN Nutrition Assessment Unit can be found on ITMAT

How to access the Nutrition Assessment Unit


Anthropometrics: Full Measure
Anthropometrics: Short Measure
Anthropometrics: Infant Long Measures
Anthropometrics: Infant Short Measures
Anthropometrics: Knee Height Measuring Device
Body Composition: Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis/ Body Segments
Body Composition: Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis/ Whole Body
Body Composition: PeaPod
Body Composition: TOBEC
Bone: DXA Whole Body
Bone: DXA AP Spine
Bone: DXA Lateral
Bone: DXA Hip, right or left
Bone: DXA Forearm, right or left
Bone: DXA Tibia
Bone: DXA Distal Femur
Bone: DXA IVA AP Spine
Bone: DXA IVA Lateral
Bone: DXA Whole Body Infant
Bone: DXA Infant AP
Bone: Peripheral QCT: Radius: 2 slices
Bone: Peripheral QCT: Radius: 1 slice
Bone: Peripheral QCT: Radius: additional slice
Bone: Peripheral QCT: Tibia: 3 slices
Bone: Peripheral QCT: Tibia: 1 slice
Bone: Peripheral QCT: Tibia: additional slices
Bone: Peripheral QCT: Other
Bone: Bone Ultrasound
Energy Expenditure: REE: Resting Energy Expenditure
Energy Expenditure: SEE: Sleeping Energy Expenditure
Muscle Strength: Dynamometer: Hand Grip
Muscle Strength: Biodex Knee Extension
Muscle Strength: Plantar/Dorsi Flextion (Ankle)
Muscle Strength: Force Plate
Pregnancy Test
Tanner Stage


Nutrition Core Director:
Babette Zemel, PhD
zemel [at]

Program Coordinator:
Eileen Ford
FORDE [at]

Senior Technician:
Gail Jackson
jacksonga [at]