Ophthalmology Core

CHPS offers ophthalmological testing services for children. The Ophthalmology Core was established to provide clinical and translational research services in ophthalmology for the assessment of visual function and structure.

How to Access the Ophthalmology Core

Services and Tests

  • Eye Exam (Basic, Intermediate, Comprehensive)
    • Basic (includes visual acuity best corrected)
    • Intermediate (includes acuity and slit lamp exam/anterior segment)
    • Comprehensive (includes acuity, anterior segment, fundus exam and refraction)
  • Sensorimotor Exam (motility and alignment, strabismus, binocular function)

The following tests require professional interpretation which includes a separate fee:

  • Contrast sensitivity (partnered with eye exam) (plus 15 min interpretation)
  • Color vision testing (partnered with eye exam) (plus 15 min interpretation)
  • Optical coherence tomography (OCT): Anterior segment (plus 30 min interpretation)
  • Optical coherence tomography (OCT): Optic nerve (plus 30 min interpretation)
  • Optical coherence tomography (OCT): Retina (plus 30 min interpretation)
  • Visual field measures: Using Humphrey (plus 15 min interpretation)
  • Visual field measure: Using Goldman (plus 15 interpretation)
  • Full field sensitivity testing/Dark adaptation (plus 30 min interpretation)
  • Electroretinography (plus 30 min interpretation)
  • Visual evoked potential (plus 15 min interpretation) • Fundus photography (plus 15 min interpretation)
  • Ocular ultrasound (plus 15 min interpretation)
  • Other Ophthalmology Professional Interpretation (charged by the hour in 15 minutes increments)


Gil Binenbaum, MD, CHPS Ophthalmology Core Director, 215-590-4594
Agnieshka Baumritter, Research Team Manager, 215-590-4956, baumritter [at] chop.edu
Samantha Leuters, Ophthalmology Research Scheduler, LEUTERSS [at] chop.edu
Jenny Bartelle, Ophthalmology Division Manager, 215-590-4599
Melissa Jakubowski, Ophthalmic Technician, jakubowskim [at] chop.edu
John Krall, CHPS Administrative Director, krallj [at] chop.edu