How to Access the Ophthalmology Core

To utilize CHPS resources, please contact the CHPS Core Director for a startup meeting prior to scheduling research subjects.

1) The Study Staff requesting Ophthalmology Core Services must ensure that CHOP Research Institute’s eTRACK budget plan reflects the requested ophthalmology service is being performed by the CHPS; you must also have full approval from the  IRB and CHPS (including CHPS Ophthalmology Core) prior to scheduling.

2) If the subject does not have a CHOP medical record number (MRN), add the subject via the eTRACK participant tracking and request a MRN as soon as the subject is enrolled.

3) Contact Suzanne McCullough in Ophthalmology via email mcculloughs [at], with a request to schedule and please CC Ophthalmic Technician, Melissa Jakubowski, at JakubowskiM [at] . The email must include all requested services, protocol IRB/CHPS number, CPT code(s) from budget plan, research subject information (name and MRN), including information the CHPS needs for reporting purposes to the NIH:  race, ethnicity, gender as well as a contact person for scheduling purposes (e.g. study coordinator).

  • If an eye exam is included in the requested services, requests must be received by the ophthalmology research core staff several weeks (or as required by the study protocol) in advance of the date of service to ensure   attending physician availability.
  • Other tests and procedures will be scheduled in a timely manner and as flexibly as possible within the current space and patient flow constraints of the existing space.
4) The Study Staff requesting Ophthalmology Core Services will submit via eTRACK the research registration (visit information line item for ophthalmology services should state in the comment field “CHPS Ophthalmology Core”).

5) The Study Staff requesting Ophthalmology Core Services can follow up with Ophthalmology 24 to 48 hours after the visit for results/report.


Gil Binenbaum, MD, CHPS Ophthalmology Core Director, x44594
Suzanne McCullough, Ophthalmology Research Scheduler, x40603, mccullughs [at]
Jenny Bartelle, Ophthalmology Division Manager, x44599
Melissa Jakubowski, Ophthalmic Technician, JakubowskiM [at]
Agnieshka Baumritter, Research Team Manager, x 44956, baumritter [at]
John Krall, CHPS Administrative Director, x42215, x51790