CHPS Outpatient eTRACK Instructions

CHPS registration, scheduling and invoicing system using eTRACK and EPIC are now live. Subjects are registered in EPIC using the eTRACK Subject Participant Tracking database. We have our own revenue location/department in EPIC which allows CHPS research subjects to be registered in a special "CHPS Department" of the hospital wide system (Phase 1 Cores). Invoicing of investigators' Lawson accounts, when applicable, will also take place via data from this system. Electronic registration of subjects provides a good tracking mechanism for research subjects as requested by hospital administration and is becoming the standard in academic clinical research centers.

Our development is taking place in two phases: Phase I went live on July 20, 2010 and includes CHPS units/services that in large part take place in CHPS areas that are not integrated with hospital based testing/services and include: CHPS Outpatient Units at both Wood and 3550 Market, Nutrition Assessment Unit at 3550 Market Street, CHPS Bionutrition (Dietary) Unit and the CHPS Behavioral Neuroscience Unit.

Training materials for this new process are attached:

eTRACK instructions (CHPS-specific) July 2018

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