NIH K and Equivalent Career Development Awards

CHPS may be able to waive some or all charges for services for peer-reviewed K and other mentored career development awards for junior faculty where at least 50% salary support is awarded to the Principal Investigator. Fee waivers for these studies will be for the duration of the award only. However, Principal Investigators may be charged fees for supplies. Waivers may be limited for large studies utilizing many CHPS services, if the magnitude of the request jeopardizes the availability of resources for other projects.

For junior faculty on institutional K slots and post-doctoral fellows on institutional T32 slots or equivalent mentored-training awards, CHPS may be able to waive charges for nursing, biostatistics, and informatics core services. For additional core requests, provide mentor’s Other Support, including overlap with the trainee’s project.

Please indicate in your eCHPS and eTRACK submissions that the research is being supported by a career development award and that you are requesting that charges be waived.

If you have questions or need additional information, contact John Krall, CHPS Administrative Director, 267-425-1790, krallj [at]