eTRACK Budgets

eTRACK is a web based system for submission, routing, approval and management of clinical research studies. The goal of the system is to create an intergrated, transparent system that serves as a single portal for all CHOP clinical research studies by :

  • ¬†Implementing an on-line budget tool that uses pre-approved pricing
  • Tracking status of budget negotiations, contract execution and IRB approval
  • Register research study participants and tracking study action, e.g., visits, procedures, etc.
  • Recording contract milestones to trigger when revenue is earned and should be collected

Protocols being performed by CHOP-based Investigators who utilize CHPS Services have to create a corresponding eTRACK study which is linked to eCHPS and eIRB. Once the eTRACK study has been created and submitted by the Principal Investigator/Study Team, the CHPS and Clinical Trials Financial Management (CTFM) group will work together to create the research budget plan. CHPS and CTFM will add the protocol visit schedule, services and prices.

The eTRACK Study will be sent to the PI/Study Team for review and approval. The eTRACK study captures a protocol's financial information and allows subjects to be registered and scheduled for research tests and services.

The eTRACK module also consists of a "price request" activity. This is used for a patientcare budget to be completed for the support of an external grant submission in eSPA. Contact John Krall, CHPS Administrative Director, for CHPS grant proposal pricing information at krallj [at]

CHPS registration, scheduling and invoicing using eTRACK and EPIC are now live. Subjects are registered in EPIC using the eTRACK Subject Participant Tracking database. Instructions differ based on the CHPS Core service being utilized; please follow the links below for detailed instructions.

Click here for CHPS Outpatient eTRACK Instructions (Outpatient visits, Nutrition Assessment, Bionutrition, Neurobehavioral Units).