Research Budgets

CHPS charges for services and these costs must be included in all budgets. CHOP uses the OnCore Clinical Trial Management System to manage all new, industry or non-industry sponsored studies, which include hospital and/or professional billable research services and that will need a budget and invoicing through Clinical Trials Financial Management (CTFM). This includes all studies that utilize CHPS services.

CHPS will not raise list prices for FY 22. Beginning FY 22, all new studies or amendments approved by CHPS with study protocol specific training will be charged an hourly fee per CHPS staff completing each required training.  This includes but is not limited to: in person and webinar training, manual reviews with required signoff, demonstration of skills (i.e. DXA scan samples), and skill certification. Please make sure your budgets include funds for this activity. In addition, please note that an upcoming revised eCHPs application will have a section to indicate training needs for all Cores.

SIFTER, which resides within eIRB, serves as a centralized repository for study start-up information required to support various processes associated with the OnCore.

The OnCore Support Team and the CTFM Budget Team will use the SIFTER information to develop budgets in OnCore. Please reach out to the CTFM Budget Team at cranalyst [at] with any questions.

Please ensure that your OnCore study is fully signed-off and is the status of released/open to accrual in OnCore before registering or scheduling subjects for CHPS visits. The study must be fully approved in OnCore so that the study build in Epic can be completed for visit registration and scheduling. CHPS cores will not be able to schedule or link CHPS visits to the study if it has not been built in Epic.