Review Process

To submit a proposal to utilize CHPS services, study teams will need to complete and submit an eCHPS electronic application, which is a part of the eResearch system. An eCHPS application is opened when study teams note in their eIRB applications that they will use CHPS services.

Once submitted, CHPS holds monthly Resource Committee meetings where all requests for our resources are reviewed. Proposals cannot utilize CHPS until they receive both IRB and CHPS approval.

CHPS will consider expedited protocol approvals under certain circumstances:

  • Compassionate use, e.g., use of a potentially life-saving drug in a patient who is desperately ill.
  • Circumstances in which a brief opportunity to capture a rare patient population/circumstance could not be predicted in advance.
  • Under rare circumstances, if data are needed urgently due to grant submission or expiration dates, and if substantiated reasons for not submitting the CHPS proposal in a more timely manner are provided.

For additional information, please contact the CHPS Administrative Director or Administrative Staff.