How to Access the Behavioral Neuroscience Core

  • When planning to use Core services, contact Jerilynn Radcliffe, CHPS Neurobehavioral Core Director, at x47446, email: Radcliffe [at]

*To utilize CHPS resources, please contact the appropriate CHPS Core Director for a startup meeting prior to scheduling research subjects.

  • To budget for Core services, contact John Krall, Administrative Director - x42215 or x51790.
  • Tests are performed on pediatric subjects in the Main building at CHOP as well as in the CHPS space at 3550 Market St., and by individual arrangement, at 3535 Market St.
  • The Behavioral Neuroscience Core is highly experienced in implementing multisite protocols that require neuropsychological testing. We provide test kits, test record forms, and scoring software at no additional charge to the investigators for whom we provide testing services.
  • When investigators are considering work with the Neurobehavioral Core, it is helpful to provide a copy of the protocol prior to submission, so that our Core can determine our ability to conduct testing and procedures that are called for, as well as to give estimates as to the costs for each study evaluation.
  • All studies require IRB and CHPS approval before CHPS services can be provided.
  • Research subjects utilizing the Neurobehavioral Core must be registered in eTRACK; go to the Clinical Trial Financial Management intranet site for instructions. To log into eTRACK use your Active Directory User name and password. Click here for CHPS specific eTRACK instructions.
  • Before scheduling subjects for testing, a start-up meeting should be scheduled with the Study Coordinator and CHPS staff through CHPSbncore [at] At this meeting, procedures will be reviewed so that testing may be conducted smoothly and results communicated to the study team in a timely manner.
  • To schedule assessments, send an email to CHPSbncore [at]

Updated July 2017