How to Access the Vascular Lab

Instructions for Study Staff Accessing CHPS Vascular Lab Services in CHPS Cardiovascular Core

1. Schedule a start-up meeting or call with Echo Lab manager, Christine Pascua at pascuac [at]  to go over study needs. 
**Make sure the eTRACK budget plan reflects the vascular exams requested (BART, EndoPAT,  PWV or cIMT)

2. During the meeting, CHPS sonographers are assigned to the study. The process for scheduling visits with the CTRC Echo Outlook Calendar will be reviewed at that time. After the study start up meeting has taken place, study teams can schedule research subject visits.

**Full approval from IRB and CHPS must be in place PRIOR to scheduling**

3. Email the requested dates and times to Echo Lab sonographers assigned, always include the CHPS sonographers:  Anysia Fedec, Echo Tech, at Fedec [at] and our Vascular Sonographer Craig Tinker at TinkerC [at]

4. Once a date has been identified and confirmed by the sonographers assigned to the study, send the appointment request to the participating sonographers and the CHPS Echo Outlook Calendar. Provide this information:
• Subject: Subject/Patient Identification
• Location: IRB #
• Notes in the appointment include information the CHPS needs for reporting purposes to the NIH: Subject’s race, ethnicity, and gender.

Note: Appointments made on the calendar are scheduled in EPIC and linked to a research guarantor by the Echo Lab staff. Once this has been done an *S* will be placed in the subject line of the appointment on the Outlook Calendar. Please periodically check and confirm that your appointments have this indication.

5. Research subjects must ALSO be registered and scheduled in eTRACK.
• Go to the Clinical Trial Financial Management website for instructions.
• Use your Active Directory User name and password when signing into eTRACK.
• Use the provided appointment time when scheduling subjects in eTRACK.
• Make sure CHOP Research Institute’s eTRACK billing plan reflects the Echo is being performed by the CHPS.

6. Place Echo Order in EPIC
• Subjects will not be seen at their scheduled appointment without a physician order.

7. On the day of the appointment:
• It is the responsibility of the study team to ensure that subjects arrive to their appointments on time. Due to the high volume of the Echo lab, late arrivals may not be accommodated. If there are changes to the appointment on the day of the scheduled appointment you must contact the Echo tech directly.
• Completed exams must be updated in eTRACK and marked as completed.

8. To obtain finalized Echo Report:
• Follow up with Celena Green or Christine Williams 24 to 48 hours after the test for results/report.


Craig Tinker, Vascular Tech, x69545/15629
Fang Liu, Vascular Tech, x69544/15624
Celena Green, Scheduler, x43354
Meryl Cohen, MD, CHPS Cardio Core Director, x43354
John Krall, CHPS Administrator, x42215, x51970