How to Access the Vascular Lab

Instructions for Study Staff Accessing CHPS Vascular Lab Services in CHPS Cardiovascular Core

  1. To utilize CHPS resources, please contact the CHPS Core Director for a startup meeting prior to scheduling research subjects. You must also have full approval from IRB and CHPS prior to scheduling.
  2. Make sure CHOP Research Institute's eTRACK budget plan reflects the BART, PWV, or IMT is being performed by the CHPS.
  3. Schedule test in Cardiology Audrey Jones x43540 (Back-up is Celena Green at x43354).
  4. Complete the eTRACK registration/scheduling information (visit information line item for vascular test should state in the comment field "CHPS Cardiology Core").
  5. Study coordinator must email Craig Tinker (tinker [at] and Fang Liu (liuf [at] to make them aware a CHPS vascular test is scheduled and give subject information, including information the CHPS needs for reporting purposes to the NIH: race, ethnicity, gender.
  6. Study coordinator can follow up with Celena 24 to 48 hours after the test for results/report.


Craig Tinker, Vascular Tech, x69545/15629
Fang Liu, Vascular Tech, x69544/15624
Audrey Jones, Scheduler, x43540
Celena Green, Scheduler, 43354
Meryl Cohen, MD, CHPS Cardio Core Director, x43354
John Krall, CHPS Administrator, x42215, x51970

Updated July 2017