Dietary Assessment Unit

The Dietary Assessment Unit (DAU) provides a broad range of nutrition-related research services to investigators. This includes dietary analysis and evaluation of patient intake, food frequency questionnaires, nutrition education, and calculation of study meals. The Unit is staffed by experienced registered dietitians available for protocol consultation.

Collaborative information about the CHOP and PENN Dietary Assessment Unit can be found on ITMAT

How to access the Dietary Assessment Unit


  • 24-Hour Recall (per day)
  • Diet or Food Record Analysis (per day)
  • Calculated Weighed Meals
  • Meal Analysis
  • Nutrient Balance (per day)
  • Nutrition Consultation - Patient related
  • Nutrition Consultation - Protocol (non-patient) related
  • Nutrition Education
  • Nutrition Questionnaire
  • Plan Study Meal/Develop Menu
  • Design and Test Recipe (HUP only)
  • Procure Special Food Items


Nutrition Core Director
Babette Zemel, PhD
zemel [at]

Lead Clinical Nutritionist
Vivian Brake, MS, RD, LDN
brake [at]

Lead Clinical Nutritionist
Debra Cahn, RD, LDN
cahn [at]

Research Technician
Erin Donaldson, B.S.
donaldson [at]

Updated May 2017