CHPS Wood Nursing Going Live in Epic

On Monday May 7th, the Wood CHPS Outpatient Department will go live with orders and documentation in Epic. This will ensure that research care is integrated within the EHR and thereby maximizing patient safety. The new department will be Wood CHPS Outpatient (no longer Wood 4 CHPS Outpatient) and will be an Epic HOD (Hospital Outpatient Department) with a similar workflow as Day Med, Dialysis, or Sleep Lab.

Workflow improvements will be:

  • Implementing safety devices such as bar code medication administration will decrease errors
  • Integration of the study medication ordering workflow with electronic pharmacy approval process
  • Orders and documentation will be available in Epic to all study staff
  • Orders and order sets are being created for a selected group of high volume CHPS research studies for the go live and will be expanded to other studies post go live

Workflow changes for the department:

  • Log in context will be Wood CHPS Outpatient
  • When possible, all medication and laboratory orders should be placed on the scheduled CHPS visit prior to the appointment date
  • During visit medication orders placed on the scheduled visit will be transmitted to the IDS pharmacy work queue
  • During visit medication administration will be completed using bar coding and the MAR
  • Selecting the fax order mode for ambulatory medication orders will transmit the order directly to the IDS pharmacy
  • Documentation of vitals, vascular access, POC results and notes for the visit will be in Epic

Please see the attached information and the tipsheet:

Integrating CHPS with EPIC
Job Aid: Ordering A Nonspecific Investigational Medication for MAR Administration

Should you have any questions or issues regarding the new department please contact:

Audrey L. Kamrin, RN, MSN
Nurse Manager CHPS
Kamrin [at]

Adam Motsney, PharmD
Supervisor, Investigational Drug Service
Motsneya [at]